DYLEEN FASHION maintains the highest standards in design, materials and craftsmanship. But jewellery does require maintenance which is very simple and highly recommended. With proper care, your jewellery will give you a lifetime of wearing pleasure.


Prongs tend to loosen in the process of wearing or removing a ring. It is important not to touch the centre stone, so as to avoid putting pressure on the prongs.Even settings which are made from platinum or gold are relatively fragile as prongs can become loose, putting gemstones at risk.

When taking off your ring, ensure you pull from the band and never from the stone. Remember, only touch the shank of the ring.

The easiest way to damage a diamond is rubbing it against another diamond so make sure stones don't hit one another.


The key to protecting your jewellery is not only how you wear it but also how it’s stored.

We recommend storing your jewellery in a cool, dry, safe place.

Keep your pieces in a DYLEEN FASHION supplied pouch or jewellery box for optimal storage and adequate protection.

Pack each piece separately to avoid damage and scratching.


It's important to take off jewellery before applying hand lotions and other cosmetics as their ingredients may tarnish precious metals and affect the lustre of your gemstones.

At DYLEEN FASHION, we supply all our clients with a microfibre cleaning cloth to keep pieces in perfect condition in between each wear.

Remember, always remove your jewellery before any household chores or sports. For certain activities, if in doubt, don't wear it.


Generally, it's good to have your jewellery checked by a professional every six to twelve months depending on how often you wear it.

At the first sign of any loose stones or settings that aren't secure, it's important to have the prongs checked and if needed, tightened. 

Make sure your ring is the correct size and that it sits firmly on your finger.