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rule: BenThe store is a wholesale and customized online store, which can ship one item on behalf of others, jubilee jewellerySupport agent distribution——Click on one item for shipping


discountFor a purchase order of 20 yuan or a mixed batch of 20000 yuan, please contact us to apply for a second tier price


Package: Full batch in one day.10Free shipping;Including logistics areas in Chinese mainland and excluding Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Qinghai regions;


Packaging:All adoptOPPTransparent bag packaging or PE suspension box, excluding jewelry box;


Chain: The pendants are all chained


Certificate:Our products are allS925Silver plated gold inlaid with natural colored treasures,925Silver SealSupport the issuance of certificates, Guangdong gem appraisal certificate, but out ofCertificate fee to be paid by oneself(Pay per sheet.15元,发货时间推后两天)——点击开证书




Image:The pictures shown are all taken from real objects. Due to lighting or display factors, the color of the photos may slightly differ from the actual objects, and the actual objects shall prevail;


Stone:There are a small amount of natural cotton wool, ice crack, impurities and mineral deficiency in the natural colored treasure crystals, and the color depth of each natural stone is slightly different, which is a characteristic of natural expression, and it is regarded as the default when photographed.These properties of natural stone itself are unavoidable and do not serve as a matter of quality


Delivery: For safer and faster delivery of products to customers, SF Express will be sent by default, and no delivery will be made on Sundays; Daily customer service Wangwang online time: 9:00-22:30;


Wholesale customization


Customization: Customized with pictures and samples,provideSample image(including sample size, sample material, stone type, electroplating requirements, and other special requirements) orSample object,Contact customer service to determine the number and time of customization——Click on wholesale customization


Edition fee:Own factory, supportDesign and development, sample customizationincoming processingExisting stylesEach style20Starting from pieces, production can be scheduled,Customized new models require corresponding design and version fees, which can be refunded when the production volume reaches the required quantity;


Mass production: Existing products in the store,Choose a style and contact customer service toProduct image, product model number, customization quantity, customization requirements(Metal material, stone type, electroplating requirements, customization time)It is equivalent to a clear explanation of customer service;


Cycle:The production volume of a single model is low20Starting from piece, batch sizeProduction cycle15-20Working days, the new sample will be published.Development cycle20-30working days;


[After-sales service]


Product quality issues (damage, stone falling, fading within 7 days, wrong shipment, missing shipment)Before use, contact customer service to confirm that it is a product issue before returning or exchanging. (Return note: product issues and return/exchange requirements);


■ Non-product quality problems (product size): Without using it and without affecting our second sale, you can contact customer service for a replacement within 7 days after receiving the goods (the replacement model, size and color should be noted), send the products back to our company, make a good note and give the courier number to customer service, and the company can arrange for a replacement after receiving the goods and confirming that the products are in good condition, and the round-trip freight is borne by the buyer;

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